Technical Project Management Seattle / Bellevue

We provide technical project management services to businesses in the Seattle and Bellevue area. Let’s say you want two of your existing business technologies to work together. Or maybe you have an idea for a new technical product or service. You don’t have a network administrator on staff and you don’t have any developers on staff. What will you do? How will you bring this concept to life? You may think your idea is too complex and it’s going to cost too much money. You may be wrong. We manage complex technical projects all the time and we can help you pencil out the details so the ROI meets your expectations.

Example: Client wants website orders to populate into Quickbooks automatically. This solution ends up costing $20k per year. This may seem like a lot for a small business. However, this solutions is able to replace three data entry employees with a salary of $30,000 per year. You’re able to save $70k per year and remove any chance of human error. You can also scale up order processing without extra costs. This is clearly a good ROI.

We listen for free. So call today and tell us about your idea/project!