Internet Marketing Seattle / Bellevue

seattle internet marketingDo you have a product or service that you would like to promote on the internet? We can help. Internet Marketing isn’t easy. If you’re just getting started you will quickly learn that there are thousands or millions of other sites keeping you from showing up on Page One of Google. 90% of internet users click the links on the first page of their search results. That’s where you want to be. We know how to get you there and it involves these key components…

Keyword Research

Are people even searching for your service or product on the internet? If so, how many? and how many in your area? These are the questions we can answer for you. We can even identify the exact words that people will type into the internet searching for your product or service. It’s called Keyword Research. We know that all good internet marketing plans are built on a solid foundation of keyword research.

Search Engine Optimization

Once we know the keywords that people are searching for we need to optimize your site. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means we format your website in a way that the search engines like. Slight adjustments are made without changing your content too much.

Blogs and Link Building

Once your site is optimized we need to create some blog sites or create a Facebook and Twitter account for your business. We then feed those resources with content and put links that will lead people back to your main website. Additionally, we find other blogs talking about what you are trying to sell and we post links there as well. All pointing back to your site. These links help Google identify you as having a popular and important website.

You can pay Google a lot of money to be listed in the top three spaces. You’ve probably noticed those ads in the yellow space. Those are fine if you have money to spend. But if you’re looking for a more affordable long term solution then you need to be doing Organic SEO. Organic means that you’re in the White Space of Google, not the paid ads area. Organic Search Engine Optimization is what we do. We can even focus our efforts on the Local Seattle or Bellevue area and provide your business with Local Organic SEO Services. Bringing you leads from your local area.

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