24Nov 2015

AutoCAD Block Manager – AutoCatalog

AutoCAD Block Manager - AutoCatalogWe’re excited to share the release of a new product from CPS. It’s the most robust AutoCAD Block Manager and Symbol Library tool on the market. If you work with AutoCAD and you’re looking for a way to keep all your blocks and symbols in order this tool is for you. You can get the free trial here.


They say that a huge amount of time in the work place is spent searching for things or information. CAD design is the same way. Finding the exact block or symbol for your drawing may only take a couple minutes but when you’re doing this hundreds of times per day those minutes add up fast. You can save your design team countless hours of time by using a tool like AutoCatalog to organize and optimize the content library of your design team. Get your team the tools that will make them more efficient and accurate.

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